Mistress Ivy - London Dominatrix

An English Mistress, well educated and with a very creative mind for controlling, and playing with you in a variety of ways.

Although young I have a lot of experience; I have always fantasised about tormenting and teasing men; I was the one who used to tie up the boys in the playground.
So I threw myself into the London fetish scene at just 18, so have many years of experience and skills. I play to all different levels and am very comfortable to session with newbies as well as more experienced players who might wished to be pushed a little further.

If you want to explore your kinks with someone who is safe, yet beautifully sadistic then look no further; I am more than happy to oblige.

I enjoy many types of sessions. Depending on your wants and desires I offer sensual domination, or if you enjoy a stricter approach, I love to humiliate or inflict pain. I am incredibly accurate with the cane and I will play to a level which is comfortable for us both. I am safe, experienced and have a range of skills and knowledge for all kinds of sessions.

I am incredibly open minded and I cater for a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies... nothing is too unusual. So feel free to call me for a chat. I want to talk to you and understand your mind as well as your body to tailor and facilitate a BDSM experience unique to you. I play at all levels, and believe that every session is a one-off. I make different kinds of connections with different people and I love variety.

I use a very well equipped playroom in East London. It is a versatile space, the perfect space for sensual spankings and CP role play sessions. I have a variety of other toys and furniture which can be brought out, such as a St Andrews cross, spanking bench, cage, electrics, suspension frame and bondage gear. My venue and equipment are naturally kept to an impeccable standard of cleanliness.

I like to get to know you over a cup of tea or glass of wine and build a connection. To me BDSM is all about trust, communication and connection. I want you to feel safe before I do nasty and cruel things to you!
BDSM is a genuine passion of mine. So whether you want to be kneeling at my feet, bent across my spanking bench, gagged with my worn panties or you’re ready to surrender yourself for my pleasure, I very much look forward to playing with you.
Miss Ivy xx
Contact me at disciplineanddesire@hotmail.co.uk